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Mountain Counties Water Resources Association
Unite agencies, groups and individuals whose interests include protecting and enhancing Mountain County water resources throughout the foreseeable future.

Searchable State Grants Database - GET GRANTS
A statewide grants database where the public can find, in a single location on the "My California" web-site, information regarding competitive grants available through the State.

General Plan Technical Advice Document-November 2003
The General Plan Technical Advice Series is intended to offer land use practitioners, particularly at the local level, conscience information regarding some aspect of the General Plan law. This series of occasional papers is part of OPR's public education and training program for planners, developers and others. The 2003 edition of the Better Integrated Planning for Fire Hazards was initiated through a request by the Regional Council of Rural Counties. It was developed through a state and local partnership of the Regional Council of Rural Counties, California Association of Counties, the Governor's Office of Emergency Services, the Governor's Office of Planning and Research and the California Department of Forestry.

California Agriculture, Feeding the Future 2003-Governor's Office of Policy and Research
The purpose of this report is to link the contributions of California's agricultural industry to the overall economic vitality of the state's economy. The report addresses farmgate, transportation, processing, retail sales and exports including labor and revenues. The report also addresses some of the environmental contributions of agriculture which have economic impacts to the economy.

Williamson Act-Technical Advisory Document-Governor's Office of Policy and Research
This Advisory is intended to provide background material to inform public policy decisions about the continued funding of financial incentives provided by the California Land Conservation (Williamson) Act.

Introduction to the California Rural Water Association-MEMO

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